Robinson House-Inspired Dining Table #116
For our adaptation of the famous Greene & Greene Robinson House table of 1907, we reduced the table width to 42" from the 60" of the original, to be more suitable for most houses. Double equalizing slides replace the single equalizing slides of the original. The "breadboard" construction around the top has been eliminated.

Size: 42" Wide x 59" long x 29-1/2" high (as shown). Supplied with two 29-1/2" extension leaves that open to 108".

Seats: 10-12 adults.

Net Weight: Approx 260 lbs.

Material: Choice of Walnut or Honduran Mahogany.

Top Thickness: 1-3/4 inches, nominal.

Finish: CAB Lacquer.

Table Slides: Open to 100"; double equalizing with rack and pinion.

With inlaid top, ebony pegs, and splines (not shown in picture)

Price: $5,500



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116 Robinson House-Inspired Dining Table


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